First Aid – BLS-D Academy Thailand – Primary and Secondary care courses

BLS-D academy first aid training academy
BLS-D academy first aid training academy
first-aid instructor training pediatric
first aid instructor training pediatric


we aims to spread the culture of prevention, base life support ( “first aid”) dedicated to international recognized instructors, schools, businesses and sports.

we can provide as well training for workers in the business environment about safety and emergency management.

BLS-D Academy focus on training of Instructors, following their professional development in order to guarantee the high quality standards of the courses provided.

Attending BLS-D Academy First Aid courses in Thailand, students, will acquire an international BLS-D , CPR , Oxygen provider , Covid 19, First Aid Certification accepted worldwide.


The free information aims to sensitize people to the importance of training in order to transmit some basic information that can be used to prevent or deal with daily critical situations.

OPEN DAYS are sessions in which the use and application of pediatric and neonatal unblocking maneuvers are illustrated.

Particularly interesting for parents, teachers and all people who have to do with children (everyone!).


it’s an innovative program created to introduce children and young people to the topics of prevention and first aid training.

It can be carried out during school hours and deals with issues such as the prevention of accidents , how to prevent or manage emergency situations. Communication is adequate for the interlocutors, identified in: 4th and 5th Primary (9-11 years), Secondary School (11-14 years).

High quality course, frequent updates allow our Instructors to guarantee the best first aid training.

BLS-D Thailand academy "first aid" - basic life support course manichin
“Emergency Firs Aid” – BLS-D – Basic Life Support and defirillator course Thailand
oxygen provider "first aid" course
oxygen provider “first aid” course, from BLS-D Academy thailand

our academy adopts only online or digitally printed educational material, to guarantee the distribution of updated material at all times.

BLS-D Academy course are updated with the last Covid-19 guidelines

Our goals:

  • first aid training courses, refresher, in-depth courses for voluntary and private operators.
  • we aim to create an instructors network dedicated to spread the culture of safety and prevention as much as possible.
  • Continuously develop innovative educational programs that adapt to the continuing and changing needs of the community.
  • Support and assist organizations, associations, teachers, rescuers and rescue technicians.

Courses available BLS-D Academy Thailand:

  • BLS-D / PBLS-D – First Aid Course including:
    • primary and secondary care
    • CPR on adults and infant
    • DAE use.
  • BLS-D annual update.
    • to extend the validity of your BLS-D course.
  • Oxygen Provider – give you the skills, knowledge and certification that allow you to use therapeutic Oxygen.
  • BLS-D in working environment. We have specific courses dedicated to various working scenario:
    • Hotel , Resorts
    • industrial, yard, shipyard, construction sites
    • Water Sport, Scuba Diving, Tours

TERMS : There are many terms used to define arguments :

  • BLS-D:
    • “Basic Life Support and defibrillator”.
      • It’s the ability to assist someone injured or sick to survive
      • to assist until emergency assistance it’s on place
      • reanimate
      • commonly called also “First Aid”
  • “Emergency First Aid” used often also in diving environment.
  • BLS-D Academy , it’s a training agency dedicated to first aid that open his offices in Thailand in 2020.